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Due to the development of the coronavirus outbreak, we cancelled our 2020 Winter School.

The Winter School offers different courses each year. The candidate can choose one or more courses according to their availability, course schedules, students' profile to attend the course and previous knowledge required.

Targeted audience: Ph.D. students, MSc students, and professors from FGV and other Institutions.

Enrollment for each course occurs within designated periods. Dates and courses are subject to change.

We strongly recommend you to read the application guidelines to help you submit your request for enrollment successfully. Only a limited number of places are available on each courseIf you have any doubts, contact Register Office by e-mail in advance. 

Enrollment categories and fees:

ENROLLMENT CATEGORY 1 -  (click here to see the list): MSc or Ph.D. Student or Professor at FGV; Postdoctoral researcher at FGV EAESP; MSc or Ph.D. Student or Professor at FGV EAESP Exchange Partner Universities; MSc or Ph.D. alumni at FGV EAESP : Application fee -R$ 500,00


ENROLLMENT CATEGORY 2 -  MSc or Ph.D. Student or Professor at other University : Tuition fee - R$ 1000,00

Make sure to choose the right enrollment category, in order to avoid further problems.


  Select your preferred topics and enroll accordingly

For further information about the course content and enrollment, click on the course title (below) to access the course page


Courses - 2019*    

Advanced Research Design for Causal Inference
Data Science with spatial and temporal data
Exploring research opportunities for data gathering using social media & mobile technologies
Issues in Street-Level Bureaucracy
Machine Learning for Online Experiments
Qualitative Research Methods

Courses - 2020* Due to the development of the coronavirus outbreak, we cancelled our 2020 Winter School
Paradigms of Management Thought
Big Data Analytics Research
Strategies Beyond the Markets
 A Social Psychological Approach to Intergroup Relations
Academic Research Design  (Métodos Econométricos Aplicados à Pesquisa em Negócios)
Public Service Logic (PSL) and value creation in public service delivery: the next evolution for public management theory and practice
Empirical Research for Supply Chain Collaboration and Innovation
Chinese Government and Governance
Vignette Methods in Qualitative Research

* subject to change